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Gas Natural Fenosa operates in the electricity distribution market in Panama through the companies Distribuidora Eléctrica de Metro-Oeste (Edemet) and Distribuidora Eléctrica de Chiriqui (EdechiI), and also operates in the electricity generation market.

Electrical cabling

The group's Panamanian distributors cover over 46,000 square kilometres. At the end of the 2012 financial year, they were distributing energy to 509,000 clients, and they supplied 4,085 GWh over the year.

Meanwhile, Gas Natural Fenosa manages 62 MW of hydro and thermal power in Panama. During 2012, these power stations produced a total of 108 GWh of electricity.

Gas Natural Fenosa's electricity networks in this Central American country cover more than 20,350 kilometres.

Key figures 2012 Electricity Distribution  
Electricity activity sales (GWh) 4,085
Increase compared to 2010 (%) 8.5
Supply points, in thousands (as of 31/12) 509
Increase compared to 31/12/2010, in thousands 17
Network loss index (%) 10.4