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Gas Natural Fenosa is the main gas distribution operator in Mexico where it operates in eight of the country's states, including the capital, Mexico City. The company also plays a role in the electricity generation sector.

Gas Natural Fenosa combined cycle plant in Mexico

Gas Natural Fenosa is present in 6 of the 14 geographical distribution areas of the country. At present the group has more than 1,300,000 customers in Mexico, and a distribution network of almost 16,468 km.

Gas Natural Fenosa started its activity in 1997, after winning the concession to distribute natural gas in the area of Toluca (Mexico State). Year after year, the company has extended to different parts of the country. In 2000, it acquired 100% of the Comercializadora Metrogas S.A. de C.V., enabling it to manage natural gas distribution in the country's capital, Mexico City. 

The group also has a subsidiary called Gas Natural Servicios in Mexico, which offers gas-related services and distributes natural gas for vehicles.


Electricity generation

The company is present in electricity generation activities in Mexico, where it is one of the main independent operators. At present its operating assets in Mexico are the 270 MW Hermosillo plant and the 300 MW Naco Nogales plant in the state of Sonora; the 1,000 MW Tuxpan III and IV plant in the state of Veracruz; and the 450 MW Norte Durango plant in Durango state, also in north-west Mexico.

Production was 3.5% higher than last year due to the incident at the Tuxpan plant in October 2011 which meant it was offline for much of the last quarter of 2011. This also impacted the availability of the facility.

In the first half of the year, an agreement was signed with Grupo México to sell the Naco Nogales plant surplus (up to 50 MW).

The Mexican subsidiary also plans to examine opportunities to develop wind power generation projects in the country.


Key figures 2012  
Gas activity sales (GWh): 48,163
Increase compared to 2011 (%) 1.0
Distribution network (km) 17,579
Increase compared to 31/12/2011 (km) 660
Supply points, in thousands (as of 31/12) 1,295
Increase compared to 31/12/2011, in thousands 38