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Gas Natural Fenosa has been operating in Argentina since 1992 through the company Gas Natural BAN, which distributes natural gas in 30 municipalities in the north and west of the province of Buenos Aires.

Gas Natural Fenosa storage plant in Argentina

Gas Natural BAN, in which Gas Natural Fenosa has a 70% stake, was the first of the group's distributors to operate outside of Spain. The Argentinean subsidiary operates in the north and west of the province of Buenos Aires, where it supplies the largest industrial area in Argentina.

Gas Natural BAN has achieved considerable market penetration and has consolidated its position as the second biggest distributor in the country in terms of number of customers.

As of 31 December 2012, Gas Natural BAN had more than 1.5 million clients and a gas distribution network of more than 23,605 kilometres.

The company has a natural gas storage plant, Peak Shaving, which enables it to guarantee supply in the months when demand is highest.

Natural Gas for Vehicles

Gas Natural BAN also holds an important position in the market of compressed natural gas for light vehicles, supplying a network of service stations that supply gas to almost a third of the vehicles operating in Argentina.

The group has two other companies operating in Argentina: Natural Servicios, a company that markets natural gas-related products and services, and Natural Energy, a company whose main focus is marketing gas.

Key figures 2011 2010
Customers as at 31 December 1,492,437 1,458,179
Net annual variation 34,258 32,611
Accumulated net increase since the start of operations 580,426 546,168
Gas sales (millions of m3) 1,955.6 1,899.8
Transport and/or distribution service (millions of m3) 5,005.6 4,880.9
Income from sales and services (millions of pesos) 793.9 772.2
Year's profits (millions of euros) 23.4 28.6
Investment in capital assets (millions of pesos) 85.8 72.9
Accumulated investment in capital assets since the start of operations (equivalent in millions of dollars) 505.6 485.7
Total length of the network (thousands of kilometres) 23.4 23.0
Operations carried out since the take-over    
New pipelines (kilometres) 8,158 7,770
Renovation of pipelines (kilometres) 503 499
Average transport capacity:    
Contracted (millions of m3/day) 14.6 14.1
Share of annual gas supply volume in Argentina (%) (1)    
Total gas sales 12.4 12.9
Domestic-commercial market 16.7 17.0
Staff 521 532

(1)Information based on data from the operational database of gas licence holders supplied by ENARGAS in October 2011 (rolling year-provision figures).